Friday, September 20, 2013

Xbox 360 Sign-in Error 80072EF3 and other ailments

I've had all kinds of problems with one of my Xbox 360s in particular, the 4GB with Kinect newer model , but not the latest version that looks like the Xbox One .  This thing had been through about every beta invite and set in my son's room for over a year doing who knows what.

Some of the things I was experiencing:

  • Random popups asking for me to enter my security information and password when a profile is signing in.
  • Random disconnects from Xbox Live
  • Constant freezing during game play and movie watching
    • Sometimes there would be no indication other than a frozen screen
    • Sometimes it would display vertical blue broken lines on the screen
    • Sometimes it would display vertical red broken lines on the screen
  • And finally the inability to connect completely with 2 of the 4 profiles on the Xbox with Error 80072EF3 required me to do some research 
I had honestly written off all the problems as the thing was dying.  I assumed my son had done something, like let it get too hot, causing the video card to just start the path to death.

I found a lot of suggestions ranging from delete the cache to delete the profiles and re-download them for the disconnects and the 80072EF3 error.  Something was corrupted and the most likely assumption was the profiles.  The only suggestions about the freezing with the vertical lines was to send my Xbox in for warranty because the video card is about to die.

In the end none of that worked. Finally I found a few places suggesting to just do a system software reset.  I'm sure some have never heard of this, but back in the day it was the only way to reset the cache as well. Microsoft likes to "give you a good user experience", forcibly usually.  Hey, just like the Windows 8 User Account Control being mandatory to use and create Metro (yeah I know it isn't called that anymore) applications causing me to never be able to double click files to open them in Visual Studio.  Ok, I'm done with that complaint and onto the rest of this post.

Now onto the Steps:

Go to Settings, Storage, and highlight any of your storage devices.  Then press the magic buttons.
  1. Left Bumper
  2. Right Bumper
  3. X Button
  4. Left Bumper
  5. Right Bumper
  6. X Button
Restart your console and it will download the latest software version again.

This sequence is available all over the internet, but I'll give credit to a user post on the Xbox forums as it last place I looked it up.



Thank you so much nothing else worked but this, your doing good for the world man.

Evan Smith

Wow the xbox support was useless but this actually worked.

Evan Smith


Evan Smith
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