Wednesday, September 17, 2008

VSTS Projects have recently been added to this solution...

"Projects have recently been added to this solution. Do you want to get them from source control?"

So, we have been getting this message every time we open our .sln file from VSTFS Source Control...Turns out there is a fix.

The quick steps:

  1. Unbind the solution from TFS (Do this by going to File/Source Control/Change Source Control menu item)

  2. Edit the .sln file manually and remove all sections that look like "GlobalSection(TeamFoundationVersionControl) = preSolution". Yes these sections look important, but they aren't really at this point. And also, by section I mean from that GlobalSection line all the way down to the next "EndGlobalSection" tag and all the contents in between, not just the tag itself.

  3. Rebind the solution with TFS (Same place as step #1)

I also managed to fix our "Some of the properties associated with the solution could not be read." error as well by removing a "GlobalSection(SolutionProperties) = preSolution" section that had no projects listed in it.



Thanks. That fixed it for me!


It messes up the Solution Folders, but those were easy to fix.
It worked for me. Thanks!

Paul Coombes

I did all the unbinding, deletion and then re-binding. As far as I can see the only change is in the .vcprog.vspscc file where the line "PROJECT_FILE_PATH" had had the right hand side of the equation changed to an empty string i.e.
Just making this change has solved the problem for me.


in our case, a merge conflict had messed up the number of projects in the preSolution. Following these steps did the trick.

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